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December 07, 2019, 09:24:11 AM
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Author Topic: Multiple Accounts: cernomor, rppr  (Read 1469 times)

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« on: August 25, 2010, 11:28:24 AM »


Profile for ceRno ||Player ID:   84367
Names registered:   cernomor, visor, jafa, heishi, cerno, chyung, raffaello, kakasi, airman
Active Clan:   New Era
Former Clans:   Bara a Zbyna, [QeHs.B], NobleXity, Fighters For Freedom, Overpowered, Second To None, Team c2o, Insignia, exii, Inmortal Gaming, 5 points, noxius gaming, Czech Team, Czech Soldiers
ICQ Number:   333975740
Real Name:   Jan
Location:   Czech

Profile for rppr ||Player ID:   81479
Names registered:   rppr, ieatyou, sk1ll3r, fghtr, oldsch00l, dplogin, boryscz, addplayer, wewew, kllt
Former Clans:   99 Minutes, g4ng5t3r5, .uToX., Second To None

Profile for NewACC ||Player ID:   37170
Names registered:   newacc
Former Clans:   THREE 6 MAFIA, Three Six Mafia, begginers of Paintball.B, Tekno Hard-core, The 4 Rookies, LM blue paint, Czech nuclear Team, Only 3 Gangsters, Assassins B team, Beginners of Paintbal, Lords of War, King in Paintball, New Onset, No Respect, black night, Fast Hunters, Bara a Zbyna, Paint Paradise, Revolution In Paintball , Overpowered, New Era, Czech Team, FAK JU klan, CommandoGaming, .uToX., NobleXity

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71440   hoodlum
62792   pepa008

16 day ban.
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