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October 16, 2019, 10:56:43 PM
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Author Topic: [OTB] Speed - Mapvoting #8  (Read 5420 times)
Map Committee

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« Reply #20 on: August 17, 2011, 11:13:36 AM »

Don't really understand your post, sry.

There're 4 votes against aldi_s (XdreaM, Chef-Killer, T3RR0R15T, Rocky), 4 votes against sphouse (Beppo^^, Skill ,XdreaM , HaRmonY) and 4 votes against siegecastle (Beppo^^, XdreaM, HaRmonY, Rocky).

4 sphouse[/B]
4 siegecastle

Now to your example. Beppo^^, XdreaM and HaRmonY vote against both of this maps. Why should Rocky's vote count more than Skill's one? For me it's 4:4.

So we (admins) have to decide what map is more worse in our opinion. That's what I wrote before (your 1. quote).
68 Carbine

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« Reply #21 on: August 17, 2011, 12:55:43 PM »

im sry, thought spain is in your team and can choose which map should stay..

Then next time just vote and dont rage because you dont like it.

my post was just an answer to this Cheesy
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