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November 19, 2018, 01:44:39 PM
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Author Topic: ToXiiC Ban Remembrance.  (Read 94 times)

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« on: November 08, 2018, 08:49:31 PM »

This might come as a shock to the massive and beautiful community of digital paintball 2. ToXiiC has died. He died a couple of months ago. He was fighting against cancers. That man was beautiful and had great soul. He played Digital Paintball 2 with passion and soul. He played go achieve greatness in the game. His prolonged relationship with this game was his life support.

Many of you did not know ToXiiC like I knew him. He was a good friend of mine, always showed showed me what's right and whats wrong. Always mentored me when I needed it. And always gave me the best of the bestest advice. But most importantly, he always showed me da way. Toxiic wasnt just part of this community, he was part of all of us. His attributes shall live with all of us, despite our views and opinions about him. Many of you knew him through this game, but I knew him very well. When I first heard that he was fighting cancer, I was shocked. This was a couple of years ago. I could not handle this information, and wanted to deny every aspect of this news and wanted to just denounce it as fake news. But unfortunately, I confirmed this news. He was in his deathbed. Waiting to die, no longer wanting to fight cancers.

Doctors said he did not have much time left, and he was going to pass away in a couple of months. I was devastated by this news, hearing it first hand. I could not bear watching toxiic fight cancers by himself. So I decided to setup Digital Paintball 2 on his computer. At first he was not as interested in the game anymore, probably because of severity of the problem. But he started playing again. For the first time I saw joy in his eyes. His eyes that seemed like nothing existed in them, all of a sudden started to glimmer. I teared up. The doctor were surprised to see him this joyful after so long. It was almost like as if his soul had returned. After a couple of months, he was fighting cancers stronger then ever. The doctors were surprised that he has lived this long...The doctors thought Digital Paintball 2 was the reason behind it. His love for the game and its community, kept him alive.

Unfortunately, he was later dismissed from the game and passed away couple of months ago. I wanted to make this thread to remember him. That everyone in this thread remembers him. Who he was, what hes done. Post it here. Post all the beautiful memories that you had with him here. As a memorial.

My humble and most sincere request for Jitspoe: Please, reset his ban time, and have him as the number one in the ban list. The list of love. That was his dying wish.

Thank you all for reading this....May all of you be blessed.

A video to remember him:
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