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December 12, 2018, 12:00:50 AM
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Author Topic: [News] [#5 : S1] Weekly tournament results and discussion  (Read 3464 times)
Map Committee

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« on: March 24, 2015, 05:23:15 PM »

Hello there!

I do apologize, I am late posting this news post. I have been rather swamped with freelance work lately. Let's get right to it.

The tournament last week unfortunately came to a turnout of four teams. It is however, understandable that not every team can play every weekly tournament and four teams is better than none!

I would like to thank the teams that did turn up and participate, these tournaments would not go ahead otherwise.

The tournament started at 7:05pm GMT and ended at approximately 9:30pm.

We had a new team sign up - Major League Gamers [MLG], who originally formed their team back in 2007! Unfortunately for them, they were rather rusty of course, but it was very nice to see them participate.

The rivalry was high this tournament, as oXmoZe and Power of Five went head to head - twice! The first time was in round one where Power of Five won a very close game, 42:40 on castle1. Castle1 is not the type of map where you normally get scores this close, a very entertaining game to say the least. This pushed oXmoZe down into the losers bracket to play against Major League Gamers who had lost versus CheckMate. oXmoZe took that victory, 50:3 on sassault4, whilst Power of Five played CheckMate on carpathian and lost. (43:27)

The semifinals came down to oXmoZe vs Power of Five again. The last three maps in the elimination were, worldfades, carpathian and ruggedcountry. Power of Five eliminated worldfades, thinking oXmoze would pick carpathian, but they did not, resulting in the semifinals map being ruggedcountry. Where a very close game took place, resulting on oXmoze taking the victory, 31:28 and brought them to the finals.

Unfortunately, the full scores for the finals were not posted, so I'm afraid I cannot tell you what they were. I can tell you, however, that CheckMate won both their map and the map oXmoZe chose, resulting in a 2:0 victory for them.

You can view the brackets for this tournament here:

The overall result standings for this series can be found here:

As you can see, there is not much chance of the top three teams changing their position, unless one of them misses the final tournament. Below the top three we can see Virtus'Pro, NobleXity and Absurd Threat battling for 4th place.

CheckMate held on to their bounty and title once again this week, as they came in first place. Will anyone ever win against them? I think so. There's only one week left until the next series start, will they take the final tournament of the series by storm, or will they lose the last one of the series?

Join us next week as we play the final tournament of this first series and discover the final result standings!

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