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December 11, 2018, 11:21:45 PM
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Author Topic: [News] [#6 : S1] End of series 1! Weekly tournament results and discussion  (Read 3425 times)
Map Committee

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« on: March 31, 2015, 01:34:22 PM »


Last Sunday was fantastic, as players from around the community participated in the final tournament of the first series! I would like to say a big thank you to all participants for making this such a fun weekly event.

Like the first tournament of this series, we had 7 teams participate! We also saw a new team sign up and participate, United slayers! Thanks for giving this a go.

The tournament started with three matches taking place, [eX] vs >UsL<, [x^5] vs .c2o| and >og< vs .oXz.

Lets go through each team and how they played this tournament.

NobleXity defeated the new participant, United slayers, with a lead of 11 points on shazam22.

Power of Five played vs c2o and played very badly on pbcup_pforest. Team c2o capped on them numerous times. This resulted in Team c2o winning the game 51:15! Very well done.
The old generation played again this tournament. In the first round they played against oXmoZe on propaint1. They lost by 11 points.
CheckMate had a bye and played NobleXity in winners round 2. They won with a lead of 30 points. 47:17 on shazam22. A very large lead for a map like this.
Team c2o managed to play pbcup_pforest again this time vs oXmoZe. They won 51:35.

In the losers bracket, the old generation played power of five on litt. The game was fairly close at first, but Power of Five made their break and won on time. The end score was 35:21.

oXmoZe won against United slayers in losers bracket round 2 where they won 50:26 on pbcup_pforest.
Also in losers round two Power of Five played against NobleXity on propaint1, they won 40:28.

In the losers bracket round 3, the rivalry between Power of Five and oXmoZe became evident. Power of Five took the final victory between oXmoZe in the series as they won on pbcup_pforest 39:30.

In the winner semifinals Team c2o played a fantastic game vs CheckMate on pbcup_pforest, CheckMate still however, proved dominant and won by a close 5 point lead.

Team c2o then played Power of Five in the losers semifinals where they again played very well on pbcup_sassault, a poor map elimination decision from Power of Five. They won with a large lead, 37:18, bringing them to the finals!

The finals were closer than usual. CheckMate picked shazam22 for their map, but c2o played very well, and won CheckMate's map with a lead of 13 points. 31:18.

Team c2o then chose pp_sw, a wise map choice considering the close games CheckMate have faced on that map, however, CheckMate was not going to let them win the first part of the final 2:0.
CheckMate won pp_sw with a large lead, 50:24. The game was close to start with, but CheckMate grabbed a lot towards the end.
This brought the finals to the tie. If c2o had won this, they would have had to play another bo3 because the tournament is double-elimination. They dueled on pbcup_pforest, which was again, a very close game to start with but it ended up with CheckMate powering through and the game ended with CheckMate taking the series, 47:39.

So, that brings us to the result. CheckMate has absolutely proven their ability to beat any top active team in this game, currently. I would like to personally congratulate them in such a victory and hope to see them in future series.

Team c2o played very well this tournament, but didn't play any of the others, in which case, we cannot really say they are the second best active team.

oXmoZe played better than Power of Five, overall, but Power of Five have won the latest and last tournament of the series. So congratulations to oXmoZe for taking 2nd place! They are the 2nd best active team in the game based on the series results.

Thank you  for playing everyone!

A question is still yet to be answered, who will prevail in the next series? Will CheckMate ever lose a tournament? Will new teams make the top 3?

In other news, the system is now complete and you can view your clan's profile, what tournaments you have played, what the maplist was like for each tournament and view each series' results.

For full series results, go here: http://paintball.jordanmrichards.com/series-info.php You can click on any tournament, clan name and series.

For the 6th tournament results and brackets, go here: http://paintball.jordanmrichards.com/tournament-info.php?id=6

To view the champion's clan profile, go here: http://paintball.jordanmrichards.com/clan-profile.php?id=2

There will be a week's break before the next tournament series begins. More details on the next series and what date/times Etc will be disclosed sometime this week.

This has been a fantastic series, I hope to see you all in the next one.

68 Carbine

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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2015, 02:31:59 PM »

Well done JMR, Keep the good work, thats something important, and also, well played cM8t , that's deserved Wink  I guess more teams will show up and stand together for the score in the next series. ( seeing how succesful the tournament is.)
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