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May 18th, 2022 07:37:21am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for fluk3
Player ID:213565
Names registered:fluk3, tupacshakur, honkeylad, flukey, nicolaboyes, depzman, benkingofswans, chroniclove, moresaltplease, juicewrld
Active Clan:insane
Former Clans:Serial Killers, GrEnAdErS, Krazy Sinical Shooters, Krazy Sinical Shooters B Team, Team DarkPlayerz, Don't Ever Accept Defeat, PsyCho suffle, The Old Generation, Really AWesome fr, United Head Hunters, United Rekking Association, The Pride, Get High International, M3RK'D Gaming, Exzotic Gaming, woot, Allstarz, #Via[X]team, Stay In Line, Absurd Threat, English Defense League, Power Of Five, sPecial, We are the R!ot
Real Name:Evan

Banned/Retired - Peace out all, loads of fun and some great memories with you guys!!!! <3 #KFC #PIE #STUBBED TOE #BOYES "Don't get confused between my personality & my attitude. My personality is who i am and my attitude depends on who you are" - Tupac