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March 30th, 2023 06:51:20pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for imerk
Player ID:30064
Names registered:mizerakk, imerk, ac1d, w00t, miz, drrockso, skwisgaar, sev, accelarate, xlr8
Former Clans:world wide, PURE SKILL, Strong Warriors, old schoolers, noobs, Cold Hearted Soldiers, star junction, dipset, midevil, EXtreme PainterZ, paintballer, noob starz v pro starz, ghetto, We Suck Less, Enternal Massacre, 2000, RecruitingGunnedGangstah, MR.
Forum Name:MiZ
Location:Michigan, U.S.A.
Real Name:Paul

my irc is broke sooooo.....