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October 5th, 2022 07:46:46am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for NaNi
Player ID:31115
Names registered:kenvelo, nani, jogabonito, saby, gunya, geci, nikeen, snox, ronaldinho80, camps
Former Clans:only 4 newbies, BLACK ANGELS, czechoslovak TEAM, fanactic warriorw snipers, Three Six Mafia, OSX, NoobKiller, Tekno Hard-core, ApoCaLyps: ThE End Of The World, Czech White Dragons, Emirates, Intellect of Paintball, Bulldogs, ALL STARZ Team, ***SK&cz Wariors***, Only Legends, Only 3 Gangsters, Assassins B team, Only Ellita Warriors, CZ&sk Warriors, black night, Czech Team, only for snipers, The 4 Rookies, FAK JU klan, Dragon Force, New Era, You Too, PrO Gamer, Team Unity, life expectancy, oOo, Friends, Need ugly players, Light in the Darkness, European Elite forces, El^Matadors, ReFleXionS, Bara a Zbyna, NobleXity Beta, The 5 , Inteligents Players, Luckers Team, Strange Gaming, Nice>2, Snox and Nani , Beginners, OmIniX, Overpowered, Royal Basement, Toreadors, Team w4m, Rockz, .Rl., 5 points, foxier esports team , Doxendz, Star Ship Troopers, Pein, Corporation oF Tyrannosaurus.rex, Hardstyle|s engine, InFernaL CoRp, Dolce & Gabbana, 4 Fun, 4 yoU, unlimited.gaming, exit your game
ICQ Number:384971927
Real Name:Rado
Location:Slovakia <3