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July 1st, 2022 01:50:36am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Old school^S
Player ID:35843
Names registered:sentex, senty, oldschools, sentexisback, getright, bigsentex, resoluticeq, no
Former Clans:Best Players in PaintBall, Best Players PaintBall, Czech Painters, Masters of Paint, life expectancy, Overpowered, Fast Killers, only three Masters, spam, Desperate, *Freejumps*, fanactic warriorw snipers, hardXcore, owner's, only 4 newbies, Penguins Own All Noobs, Assassins, Only 3 Gangsters, black night, CZ&sk Warriors, Friends, Need ugly players, Czech Team
ICQ Number:432-050-649
Real Name:Slavo
Forum Name:SenteX

^^I am NooB^^
I started PB crarrier :p at 27.6.2007