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December 7th, 2021 03:02:00pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for hyperkid
Player ID:41816
Names registered:diehard, hyperkid, hostage, hypes, edge, w4rri0r, fusi0n, minstrel, rips, s0und
Former Clans:angryhouse.C48, PGPerz, sssecret, DIEHARD, impact%, Brazil Soldiers, Soldiers Of Paint, broozes of war, newbies of paint, SnAkEhEaD, edge|of|life, HeAdOfAsNaKe, zeroXdies, high)X(kills, hardXcore, maltesers melters, Terminate to Death, system on edge, euro starz., paintball-euro, Number One Paintballers, Suburban Starz, Fullmetal, The One, european.preditors
Real Name:joe
MSN Address:subs_12@hotmail.co.uk

funny, hyper and clever well quite!