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December 7th, 2021 03:41:27pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for mrtede
Player ID:51370
Name registered:mrtede
Active Clan:MoSt FaMoUsE PlAyErS
Former Clans:The One, Da One, The 4 Rookies, Darks Dewils Team, TeaM -EUROPE-, TeaM -BOSS-, RUN you NOOBzZ, Death Bringers, nxC, Super Paintball Hoolingans, Aero, blitzkrieg, Always The Best, Maybe One sH, [Burning Dewils Team], [One Shot - One Kill], Presidents of Paintball, End The World, Killer Of Noobs, 3kipa, Elite of Jumpers, Xtreme paint Killers
MSN Address:-------------------------------------------
ICQ Number:-------------------------------------------
Forum Name:MRTeDe
Real Name:Tomek

I am The BesT xD