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May 18th, 2022 05:44:48am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for RoniLynnDeutch
Player ID:60600
Names registered:bucky, ronilynndeutch, terrycrews, rickross
Active Clan:Weekend Warriors
Former Clans:Noobs United Killing Everyone, Giggidy Giggidy Goo! -The CLan, BoomHeadShot, TRY 99%, Carbon Dioxide B Team, Carbon Dioxide, roseville p-balllas, Polar Gaming, Snipe You Out, The Mega Ultimeters, tri 2 beat us, The Core, DIESEL, UnNatural Talent, SpecialForcesWithoutLimits, Demolish, insane pressure, Under The Influence
MSN Address:yankee1103d@hotmail.com
AIM Screenname:yankee1103d
Forum Name:Bucky
Real Name:Dylan

just like to have fun not really that good yet but i try =)