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August 11th, 2022 09:16:14pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Dak50
Player ID:62169
Names registered:dak50, skepsis, 05kad, tourniquet
Former Clans:The Sexy Paintballers, 3mos4life, Mercenaries From Hell, Banana!, SpecialForcesWithoutLimits, FuRy, Team kcuF, Ferocious Retards Under Intensive Therapy, Don't Ever Accept Defeat, sCopeD, Just Skill, Get It Krunk, Team Degree, Top PaintBallers, Arts, HACKERZ, Catastrophe, RoCkStArZ, Awakening, 1 Shot To Kill, Its Game Time!, Team Future, Vendetta Disaster, UnReaL eXpEcTaTioNs, High Octane, Sons of Saints, Apocalypto, Fatal, uNTrue-TAlents, FeelThaHeat, Insane Asylum Clan, team_amazing, PaRaNoiA?, Thirteen Eleven, X-RadeD, GrEnAdErS, The Order, Point Defiance, ]mD[, Demonic Science, UrBaN EmPiRE, Try-Hards, TeaM_ReMatcH, Frostbite, Insane Junction Training

Im a noob, Just letting you know. =P
Xfire = dak50
I play other games, Xfire me/Message me W/e
Inactive, for the most part.
3 years. I'm awesome.