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May 8th, 2021 12:43:11am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for boii
Player ID:6510
Names registered:bully, meyz, dejvo, stvorilsomdc, eaststyle, dcdave, alkpumuckl, dave, ritmivytri, boii
Active Clan:5 points
Former Clans:[QeHs.B], For Flag Outrunners, RisiNg pRos?, Absurd Threat, Toreadors, Czech Team, oXmoZe, Fear Without End, Overpowered, eASt Europe, Team c2o, [QeHs], Kicking ugly children, .uToX.
MSN Address:meyz.sk@hotmail.com
Location:Bratislava, Slovakia
Forum Name:daVe
ICQ Number:307-819-411

go back a year, two, three, look at the sky you can see me flyin
im paintball im changing history i feel up to be bigger