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February 6th, 2023 12:54:27am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for misho
Player ID:84634
Names registered:hun, misho, lmfao, otaku, medvedik, pawn, senpai, lenochod, rivaille, raphtalia
Active Clan:.uToX.
Former Clans:The 4 Rookies, Lost Warriors, The One, Big8Brothers, Intellect of Paintball, Shinobi from Paintball, copyreaders, LM blue paint, LaggerS, Beginners of Paintbal, .Czech Newbs., apex, Only Masters, CZ&sk Warriors, OwnerZ, Stars From Battle, El^Matadors, No Respect, No SoRRoW, only 4 newbies, black night, Fast Hunters, Bara a Zbyna, life expectancy, New Era, Team SkillZ, Light in the Darkness, Need ugly players, The Devils Reject , ArcticGaming, Revolution In Paintball , Czech Team, 99 Minutes, Czech Fags, CommandoGaming, Czech Fags, Smear Fighters, New Era, Czech Soldiers, Need ugly players, 5 points, InFernaL CoRp, Czech Team, FarmStarz, Gangster Disciplez, Four Kings, only Czech, ParaNoia Squad, Second To None, Czech SeXy JumpeRs :], We.Love.You.Too
Real Name:Majk
Location:Home, Sweet Home.. :)

->uToX Foreva in my Heart... :)
-->Xeniky...My Princess :) :-*

NIkdy Nezapomenu.. :)