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December 7th, 2022 11:11:48pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for .Tor&^supak
Player ID:86366
Names registered:lam3r, samuraj, lamer, debil, 7183015, blueeulb, ellitewarrior, allnoobsuck, walker, allsuckmy, smooker, ib4mrock, segalisthechapion, noob4ever, supak, budepecka, japanvirus, thlo, cerq, sney, vvapor
Former Clans:Toreadors, Three Six Mafia, Tekno Hard-core, SuperKommando, Big8Brothers, SuperKommando, EuroGang, [M]afia, LM blue paint, Rangers^, ***SK&cz Wariors***, Czech nuclear Team, Slovensky Tym, SlovenskyTym, SlovakiaTeam, masters cz, LM paint, Rangers^, copyreaders, CZ&sk Warriors, Assassins B team, life expectancy, Only 3 Gangsters, Only 4, Only Ellita Warriors, Only Ellita Warriors, Only Ellita Warriors, Only Masters, Only Masters, black night, Only Masters, OnlyMastersTeamB, only 4 newbies, elita, The 4 Rookies, UnDeRGrOuND, Czech Team, #team_wait, Inferno, police, Dragon Force, You Too, OnlyForFour, Need ugly players, Light in the Darkness, Emirates, Smear Fighters, CommandoGaming, .Snp|, European Elite forces, New Era, Team easY, Rockz, Only Masters, foxier esports team , ReFleXionS, MeMi Juniors, Three Kings, Second To None, detoxication, Tyrannosaurus.rex, Corporation oF Tyrannosaurus.rex, Czech b team, InFernaL CoRp, Bara a Zbyna, #team_wait
ICQ Number:565476760
Forum Name:hoksa
Location:Slovak republic
Real Name:hoksa

I�´m noob but np live go...