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October 5th, 2022 09:47:44am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for [eX]aveirik
Player ID:92170
Names registered:aveirik, avi, ldsv, usrider, westbrook, noblex, ladislav, yesman, pinkie, risingstar
Active Clan:NobleXity
Former Clans:Nesmrtelni, root and broos, HarD RealitY, only Czech, Simulanti, White Power, rangers, Fatall of Colour, Kream, ExtremeGemping New Era, El^Matadors, NobleXity Beta, foxier esports team , Overpowered, New Era, InFernaL CoRp, Czech Team, Inmortal Gaming, NobleXity Beta, NARCISM, punk, Cry More Baby, WE ARE GROOT, Bara a Zbyna, Team RE4L, Teplakova Souprava, #team_wait, Free[Z]ed Team, oXmoZe, AimCompleX, Team c2o, AimCompleX Gaming, #Via[X]team, .cReative., Seattle SuperSonicss, Clan Prozak, The Flukez, Kicking ugly children, z3Rk Gaming, #team_reflex, The Xpendables, Just Flux Gaming, NobleXity Reborn, Milujeme Aviho, #team_amazing, Secretly We Are Gamers, Diamond Gaming, iNfanTic Team, Lords of Dogtown, Cloud9 Europe, Cypher Gaming, AimComplex e-Sports, REICH GAMING, What The ____?, Sex Weed & Rock'N'Roll, European Legend, Jabbawockeez, PODZEMGANG BANG BANG, Salute Mi Familia, Unexpected Gaming, Strong Synergy Winning, Team Double Risk, Budwar Gaming, Way of Vengeance, #team_exiterz, Thunder Up, Team d7x, Ecks Dee, Cyka Blyat Idi Nahui, USSR eSports, We Love Val & aveiRik
Forum Name:aveirik (banned)
ICQ Number:IQ over 160
Location:Czech Republic
Real Name:Ladislav

DPLegend, DPGod, DPChamp..