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Digital Paint Login System Create Account By creating or using an account, you agree to the following rules
(To make sure you read them, I've done the dastardly deed of requiring you to put a check box next to each heading)

Do Not Cheat
Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
- Modifying textures or other content to make players more identifiable
- Using external programs, hacked drivers, modified game executables, etc. to make players more visible or be seen where it should not be possible to see them (in other words, wallhacks).
- Using programs or modifications that adjust your movement and aim, such as speedhacks and aimbots.
Cheating is not tolerated and will result in a global ban from all publicly listed Paintball 2 servers.

Only One Account Per Person
1. One. Uno. Un. Once you've registered an account, you can add multiple player names to it, so there should be no need for additional accounts. Registering more than one account may result in a global ban from all game servers.

Do Not Share Your Account
If your friend or brother gets banned while using your account, don't come crying to the admins to get it lifted.  We won't do it.  Protect your account information so other people can't use it.  Logging into another person's account is also not permitted and may result in a ban.

Subject to Change
The terms of the agreement may change in the future, and you will be bound by the new terms.  Also, your account may be suspended and you may be banned because of any behavior deemed inappropriate by an admin, even if it isn't listed here.

User Name (w/o Tag): (DO NOT include your clan tag)
Email: (must be valid - your activation number is sent here)
Verify Password:
Account Limit: (How many accounts are you allowed to create?)

Note: Make sure your spam filter allows emails from "no-reply@dplogin.com"

If you have any trouble registering an account, please visit the support section of the forums.