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Digital Paint Login System Clan List
Death Bringers:DB:1428
Brothers In Arms{BnA}229
Weekend Warriors*WWs*106
European Paintball Team[EPT]82
The One[T1]65
Deadly Born Enemies{DBE}57
Digital Pirates Germany|DPDGER|42
kicking darkness[Kuc]DaRk`39
The Legend=]tLe[=32
Brazil Soldiers[BrS]31
Sick Nasty Clan[SnC]27
*French Resistance*[l FR l]26
United Head Hunters[UHH]26
Clan Prozak[cP]24
Yummy Undercut Pears.YuP.21
the master jump[TMJ]21
Graffiti Painters [GFP]20

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