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October 5th, 2022 08:54:24am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for ScarKilla
Player ID:101496
Names registered:sk8ter9877, scarkilla, illuminous, stelio
Active Clan:United Rekking Association
Former Clans:sPecial, death vs survival, Love to Fight, Draguin, ProPaintballers, Fight For Fame, We Own You, jumpers apparatus, Being Real, Daylight Arives Without Night, 3rd Shift, {[|Night Stalkers|]}, Weekend Warriors, ThunderStrux, Factor cero, Carbon Baller, Puff Puff Pass, Team X, CR34TIV GANG, Stupid Noobs, Exzotic Gaming, sPecial Training, Cartoons, looneytoonz, Wizards, Team Forbidden
AIM Screenname:skype - sk8ter.9877
Forum Name:ScarKilla
Location:South Bend, IN
Real Name:blake
ICQ Number:574-105-876

committed to jumping right now... but when i get more time i will join the FIGHT again!!!