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October 16th, 2019 09:26:50am CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for shw
Player ID:105869
Names registered:minerva, toxiic, elevator, juicey, shw, boltz, barryallen, jcy, nsuminerva
Active Clan:eXtreMeFraGs
Former Clans:never ending pain, liquid ice, av Reciever, Natus Vincere, maggotttt, paiN Gaming, cocaine make me this clan, demon ballers, Team F3a, FlashBang, Rock Wins, ShZ Team, iXquicki, C@rnAge Cr3w, Avenged Sevenfold, #_team_cLick,cLick,sPlaT, Rezadeira, clan prozak training, U Mad Bro, ReMaX, Clan Prozak, Brotherhood, M3RK'D Gaming, Seven Wars, United Rekking Association, Sex Often happens in X-Mas, absurD vENDEttA, ThC, Team FlaWLesS, CVRL, Crazyl, reXpeita, ronaldinho rei dos dibre, Team Conflict, UrBaN Elites, Overdose Import, Apple Inc, Cap 2 Win, Vindictive Assassins, unPro, Lud Zbunjen Normalan, Electronic Thugz, 9000, Darkness, team 300, Arrow, GG EZ MONEY, Buceta Gaming, insane, Team Cash, illustrious Gaming, Count-It!, Run or Die, Anal Discharge, Millennium Falcon, emergency, 4chan, wQ Team, Virtus'Pro, Nostalgic, Reconnaissance Operations Front Line Copter, eNRaGe, Psycho Ballers, Allahu Akbar, Silence
Forum Name:Minerva