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June 3rd, 2020 08:00:08pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Sequal
Player ID:108554
Names registered:sequal, nastyskank, xmo, brettjarvis, tourneychamps, marissa, balling, misterkush, mrkush
Active Clan:Team Redemption
Former Clans:Training 2 Kill , Dstorying everyone terminating hell, Method, .ex fighters., [Mag], We Own You, Global Slayers iNC., existance, Most Skilled, Existance training, Insane Junction Training, Team FeAR, We are the R!ot, Ballers Training, Astro, *BadBoyz*, M3RK'D Gaming, Red Star Mafia, are you iTz, Nubs are us, Ruptured , Brain anerism, Lateralus, Wana Be Training Clan, Wana Be, Insane Junction, zodiac, She Said She Was Level 18, Psycho Ballers, sPecial, X3, Vitalfusion
Real Name:Austin

Last Match: SHEP 2 - 0 GG bud.