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June 17th, 2019 05:37:25am CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for KiffeR
Player ID:117212
Names registered:kiffer, iamrock, grin, lalalagirl, freakii1337, choc0saur, vanillosaurus, unterwegsimbossmodus
Active Clan:Crack-Gaming
Former Clans:Just 4 Fun, Pro Gaming, Let's kill them all, Wir sind ein neuer Deutscher Clan der Member sucht deshalb nehme, Really AWesome For Learners!, Hell of an AWesome Team!, Dirkness, Multi Gaming, Atzen 4 Life, Atzen, be ugly, Heretics, Emotional Hardcore, #team_amazing, UP and DOWN, TrueLies, Silent Killers
Real Name:Samuel
Location:Stuttgart umgebung
MSN Address:SamuelHahn@web.de
Forum Name:Kiffer2302

Don´t QQ kids. It´s just the worst game at world..