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July 11th, 2020 02:08:10pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for dopamine`
Player ID:117235
Names registered:spenc, eimbot, tarq, v0rtex, civil, x8, cham, kbar, dopamine, repulsive
Former Clans:Insane Junction Training, Eclipse PaintballB. Krew, JT Paintball Team, I Own You, {[|Night Stalkers|]}, Team UseLess, [i]nsane[f]ragz, New Life, Dirty Ghetto * Gaming, M3RK'D Gaming, Fuse * Gaming, SeX MoNeY PaInTBall, XtreMe FraGGeRs, Banned 4 Life, ~Radiant * Fusion~, PrO FraGGeRz , Nautical Ballerz, First Person Plowerz, Digital Junkies, Semi Pro, Frag 2 Kill, * oNe Sh0T *, The Best Clan Ever To Exist, insane FraggerZ, 3rd Shift, Ion , Rotten Paint, ZeRo LiMiTeD, Major League Gamers, Old School Ballers, Spliff Clan, Team PNK, exilee, Drunks With Guns, SpeNC's Gaming Community, `' |High 5 Clan| '`, #~ Mentally Disturbed ~#, Repulsive Gaming Community