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June 3rd, 2020 07:20:23pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Stylwolf
Player ID:118549
Names registered:wolfing, stylwolf, sasuzing, foxer, stylfox, styldon
Active Clan:No RuleZ
Former Clans:tarts Death To All, [^PaC^], Rude Boys Only, FOLOW YOUR RULES, GuGa AnD NuNo, Looking marvelous for a nOname, Astro, The Living Deads, THE BESTS, The Living Deads, THE FUTER NINJAS, Pro Painters , Mafia jav, BLACK MAFIA, The Litle Fighters, [^PaC^], networkers, Death Bringers, Death Bringers, [^PaC^], [^PaC^], ThE InGs, Silent but deadly, No RuleS
MSN Address:lucifer1989@live.com.pt
YIM Screenname:.nRz.Wolfing
AIM Screenname:.nRz.Wolfing
Forum Name:Wolfing or StylwolF
Real Name:nuno

Good Luck to all wen gonna play vs my clan