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January 19th, 2021 12:05:44pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for yori
Player ID:130364
Names registered:yori, suni, paradse, concalvo, 50centavos, pao, filhadamamabonito, concalovesirla
Active Clan:Nostalgic
Former Clans:Team Redemption - B, Sick [e]Xtream Camper, The Core, Paintball Br, Discovery Ballers, **Playing To Win**, -=Expert Shooters=-, TeaM_nQ, I Told Y'all, know your enemy, uQ, DopasetiC, Inner kill, Hax :D, Don't Cry Baby, Retro Ballers, Percise Aim, Red Star Mafia, school of mathematics, wQ Team, eNRaGe, PsychoL0giC, The 3rd evolucion, CVRL, eXtreMeFraGs
MSN Address:pbreaglex@hotmail.com
Real Name:Kaliu