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July 18th, 2024 05:24:24am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for SIMPLE@
Player ID:15396
Names registered:simple, tooth, hangten, brit, lewi, lewis
Former Clans:R!SK!, accept no defeat , clan england, Dead Nation Army, The Enemy, total nonstop killers, NoobKiller, H20, Sick Nasty Clan, Absurd Threat, Oxymorons, Kill Noobs, In The Making, FTW b team, For The World, ]xV.b[, Strike A Vengence, Krav MagA Paintballers, Accurate Shooters United, High And Skillaged, Ducks; Armed and Dangerous, Minoxious, one hit kill
YIM Screenname:dont have it
ICQ Number:wtf is that?
Forum Name:Simple@
AIM Screenname:dont have it its crap
Real Name:Lewis
MSN Address:weeboyblue@hotmail.co.uk
Website:http://coming soon

Played for 3 years used to be called deja or dejavu Before the login crap now known as simple or lewi live in the uk and currently in [oH] (One Hit Kill) thats me.