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June 6th, 2020 10:26:43am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for 11
Player ID:156692
Names registered:braindamaged, royalbrain, brainz, br4in, 11, nipples, vli, brains, assbender, turkishkebab
Active Clan:Big Booty B!tches
Former Clans:team_t3ch, Nostalgic, ~DARK FIRE~, What?, CVRL, FreeAgent, Free4gent, New Sql Baller, Absurd Threat, #Team_LnK, route66, Million Dollar Team, #team_amazing, eMazing Gamers, Kaos Riot, Exzotic Gaming, Reckless Gaming, la vida loca, Jealous, Succesz, eNRaGe, Insignia, unKnown, wQ Team, Alien Gaming, INVAD3R, eXtreMeFraGs, Apex Predator, Absolute X-team, Omg, Team waRe, Insult Bros, Looking Amazing While Losing!, BangBroz, nice<3, cX Players