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October 21st, 2019 02:51:37pm CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for n3rd
Player ID:161693
Names registered:subir11, n3rd, identify, fathertroll, herokid, ferb, arrogant, c1ipz
Former Clans:Money Power Respect, Elite KillerZ, Together As One, New Found Glory, Assasins Rejoin, The Lemons, NeVeR ScArEd, You are Eliminated, French friends, newbies only, Masters of Disguise, Devils Reject, Try Two Beat Us!, UN1T3D R@P1NG A$SOCIATION IN TRAINING, Just... Aug! It's a great gun!, Hero, demon ballers, Dutch Biggest Fighters, Benchwarmers, Machamp Clan, Major Pball League, #team_reflex, ThC, Grab-N-Kill, clan prozak training, AfteR Death, Psycho Ballers, Clan Prozak, sPecial, Cartoons, Jealous, United Rekking Association
Forum Name:n3rd
Location:Quebec, Canada

Don't like me? I don't wake up everyday to impress u.