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June 6th, 2020 11:04:59am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Lukek9
Player ID:164099
Names registered:lukek9, xtreamk9, alebr, jrwhaley, sl5, e0, elmacho, atlukek9, flukek9, dweebx1000
Active Clan:United Rekking Association
Former Clans:PikaBombers, Gillette, Flux 2, Paintball Nukes, Death in Zero, TrueLies, #team Bad Azz, Flux, The Legend, Nubs Of Action, Painting Nubs, Revolution X Team, ViaVictorySoldiers, best shooters, Weekend Warriors, Via Virctory Soldiers, Shock'n'Awe, United Head Hunters, Elite KillerZ, You are Eliminated, eNRaGe, Masters of Disguise, Jealous, Vascular Guardians, TX , Real Gaming Network, Children of Relentless Onslaught, coldFusion, Urban-Legends, ThC, unPro, team 300, Insane Painterz, Hockey themed clan, Wizards, Team Forbidden, Trained 2 Go, Exterminators
Location:North Carolina
Real Name:Luke

Me I'm just a underdog!