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February 22nd, 2019 04:29:02pm CST
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for killzon3
Player ID:16632
Names registered:orang3, sadfsdaf, h3nrod
Former Clans:czech killers , Drugged Out Paintballers, DeathMatchaholics, Sick Nasty Clan, mafia, Gangster Disciplez, Cold Blooded Killa's, Do Not Touch, Paintball All-Stars, ELITE KREW, intense Union, In The Making, Penguins Own At Training, MaRiNeZ, the new begining, Incoming Clan, We Eat Noobs, Paintballers on Drugs, Demolish, tri 2 beat us, Team Thunder, pyscho ballers

i may look like a clan hopper but i am not i just like to be with my friends in the clans.

Account Suspended