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February 21st, 2018 03:08:37am CST
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for skelldritch
Player ID:196746
Names registered:fussion, w00ke, x3r0, deatstar, 54m, xtrms, mizznpies, skelldritch
Former Clans:GuNSHoT , SnAkE BrAWleRZ, SneakY NinjaboyS , Epic Gamers Uinted, International PB League, SnipeRShooterZ, SpawnKillCamping, Major Pball League, Optimal Team, Weekend Warriors, HAM, ThC, Epic Gamers United ReBorN, BeaK, Uni_claN, klutch, CR34TIV GANG, Free4gent, 24 Thousand Awesomeness, Marvelous Majesty, exercitus Romanus, 3Dimensional Awesomeness, 3rd Generation Ballers, Real Gaming Network, Gaseous Nitrogen, Liquid Nitrogen, xTrMs is xTrMs
Forum Name:FusSioN
Real Name:Samuel

Ballin' since '07

Then-Leader of the most active Australian Based Clan! [EGU]
Then-Leader of the best and most active Asian Based Clan! .rGN.
Then-Leader of the training clan of the most active American Based Clan! |-196|