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December 11th, 2017 08:51:50pm CST
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for lumixan
Player ID:211282
Names registered:lumii, splitt, intenze, lumixan
Active Clan:Team [El1T3]
Former Clans:Dirty Ghetto * Gaming, SouRce-Xtrem, ThC, exercitus Romanus, The New Generation, OnlyLuckBro, worldwide-gamemates, World Best Team, OnlyLuckBro, [FR3AK], PsyCho suffle, European Gaming, Back to the Future, elit3 pro , TeaMplaY iNsTiNcT, easy Win, sPecial Training, eMazing Gamers, VoLTaGe gaMiNg, Brain Dead Familia, .cReative., M3RK'D Gaming, Team Cista, |Ctek3|, alpha Coalition army, unKnown, Psycho Ballers, RuL Clan, Quark GaMinG, Team_vBo, The Fallen Generation, team 300, c0operative gaming, unKnown, Sons of Ra, Gaming Z0n3, ctek6 gaMinG, flaRe, United slayers
Real Name:Simon

3.05.2013 started playing
Best Players 4ever: Open_HUAN,starty,cloneY,B4ked,Zenit,Mission,MatzeMR,JMR,Omnom,Stomper,FARBBOMBE,KyrazHD,Eaglewings,LDREIvi,SCHREIBFEHLER,m5baba