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June 6th, 2020 10:16:41am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Evasion
Player ID:216431
Names registered:zain, bolter, tepig, zapados, bruh, zebruh, zebru, evasion, evasio, dualtage
Former Clans:The Wizards , Relentless Chaos, Super Sayian Paintballers, Evil servants., Fusion Pros, Shadow Blitz , The Bruhs, Shade, Chemical Death, Elite Legends , Majestic Kings, United Legends, Paintballers Of Time, Sons of Blooded Sins, Clan Prozak, Ma Champs, P.M.S, SnowBallers , Legends Unite, Alone in Forever, Liquid Nitrogen, H3x G4ming, TX , Masters of Disguise 2, Digital Pirates Germany, Criminals of Justice , Prime , Fusion Labs, The Chemical Wizards, Real Gaming Network, Handsome Gamers, Weekend Warriors, Fearless, Children of Relentless Onslaught, The Awkward Gamers, Awkward Games, PikaBombers, Lord Siths, Capture The Proz, Encircling Inferno, Pantheon, Mercillesly Painter, Blooded Bones, Voltage Volters, Ragtag Rush , Da AllStar Team, The MeowerZ, Aristocratic , Jedi Masters, Exzotic Gaming, team 300, Equinox Legions, Dynamiic Legends, eNRaGe, Evasion, -oR-, Team Forbidden, Team ScN, Alt-F4