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May 18th, 2024 05:26:59pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for zazza
Player ID:34053
Names registered:zazza, zezzulka, jmeo, prezmx, calimero, crymer, axor, mockingbird
Active Clan:Arts
Former Clans:Team Ntensity, family, masterz of killz, ^NiaGara^, Number One Paintballers, Chaos Ffactory, Cold Blooded Killa's, For The World, sick-, The New Begining B team, Krazy Sinical Shooters B Team, Don't Ever Accept Defeat, Fifth Edition, Friendly Enemies, Perkele!, Chri5tma5 Fever, Future Gamers, Secret Players, MeMi Juniors, Bara a Zbyna, Killers 4 Ever, Bio Hazard, Insignia, The Gentlemen, my yo
Forum Name:[iSi]ZazZa
Real Name:jochem
AIM Screenname:[iSi]ZazZa
MSN Address:z_azza@hotmail.com