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April 11th, 2021 06:14:16am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for JUGGALO4LYfe
Player ID:45179
Names registered:dagaz, tjkdagaz, juggalo4lyfe
Active Clan:Serial Killers
Former Clans:Juggalo, MAFIA RULEZ, Area-52, FrEaKsHoWkIlLaS, TheSovereignKillers, TwIzTiD jUgGaLo KiLlErS, SkRiLlAz 4 RiLlAz, hiddenblade
Location:Jupiter i think
Forum Name:dagaz
MSN Address:N/A
YIM Screenname:N/A
AIM Screenname:N/A
ICQ Number:N/A
Real Name:Austin

i dont got much to say but this im a juggalo and if any of u otha juggalos or juggaletes wanna talk jus leave this ninja a pm. i wanna give a shout out to ya`ll ninjas. WHOOP! WHOOP!