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October 18th, 2021 07:32:56am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for citron
Player ID:45545
Names registered:chrisheinz, shkisavirgin4lyfelmaolosersucksi, cripisafatbostonkidirlloser, chalkisblacksodonttalktohim, jcyhasnegativekdrlmaoaff, stmatthewsisdabest, igetmanygurlirl, bishimjustadogtrynafind, atreetopeeon, 6foot8volleyballplayerhere
Former Clans:CanadianArmedForces, Run or Die, Rough Playahz, Penguins Own At Training, On Crack Cocaine
MSN Address:stalker fck off aff irl lmao
Real Name:Chris Heinz
Location:Kingkow island
Forum Name:Cusoman
ICQ Number:123456789987654321
YIM Screenname:idk what YIM means? irl.

I r 6'8 n lyk volleyball irl. girlz persunality meenz moar den der lewks. ok? so stfu irl cuz u think ur girl is hot, but mine is supr nice. idc if she has mole that looks like poopcicle all over face ok? or if she is fat n ugly, n demented forehead. she n