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January 20th, 2022 11:12:18pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for emz
Player ID:49158
Names registered:emz, edgy, azione, subs, absolute, brightside, vasive
Former Clans:No Have Name, angryhouse.C48, Year 2 Kilo, unleashed, Enternal Massacre, Oxymorons, fanactic warriorw snipers, Rippers, fuzion, All Master Paintballers, Number One Paintballers, ultimate playahz, [techno], Only-PrO, Pr0 0wnerZ, only three masterz, ^AiRwAlK., marsterz, UrBaN Elites, edge killerz, Dead Army Rough Team, DarK-z, shame box, Rough Playahz, OmG noob, Hacker, Tribal Paintball, PaRa Players, nxC, [QeHs.B], plain, MoDe ShuTdowN., epic ballers euro, Under The Influence, Lethal, Absurd Threat, bC Training, Slayerz, nice<3, valiant genocide, Orange Red Lilac Yellow?, sick-, WanTeD, Ducks; Armed and Dangerous, Repent Vengeance, Aero, The Illuminati, No SoRRoW, Nochance Euro, Nochance Euro, College Court, No SoRRoW, Team Infinity, hypothetical, mizery, 2nd class stamp, Brittania, Airz, Brittannia, Britannia, norr, Elevens., BawBagz, Brittish Ballers, broken skY, Summer Time, hardPlay, The Three Blind Ballers, Bullet For My Valentine, iLovePubsCozImaNub, Tenner Here, sucks, eNkora Gaming, RadioACTIVE Ballas
MSN Address:5quidforasuck@live.com
Real Name:Joe