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March 24th, 2019 12:19:52pm CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for WIz
Player ID:5067
Names registered:pball, wiz, snuffleufflegus, zoso, snuffle, snuffleuffle, snuffy, snorlax, wallhack, modifiedcontent
Former Clans:NpPL, Painted-Faces, Team ch1ll - B Squad, Insane Junction Training, YaZuRR, FarmStarz, Cash, Insane Murderers, Legend, Drift Kings, absurD vENDEttA, coldFusion, UrBaN EmPiRE, RecruitingGunnedGangstah, Jerks, anthrax, Pineapple Express, Demonic Science, xZiled, Insane Junction, Team Dynamo, Status Quo, New Breed
MSN Address:angry_guy14@hotmail.com
Email:not telling!
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Real Name:Dillon