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December 10th, 2019 12:06:23am CST
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for TiNi
Player ID:5082
Names registered:tini, depalma, freakiej, coolstoryjoe, csj, muffsdiver, bigtom, starstini, ashleen, vitali
Active Clan:What The ____?
Former Clans:Team Cash, Darkness, 2 Times As Good, 6 Feet Under, We are the R!ot, Three Inches Of Blood, GeneratioN MillenniaL, Wolf Fang Clan, Status Quo, New Breed, Team FR4G, Team sk1ll, Almost Ninja, 8th Wonder, Team TiNi, Allstarz, insane, DR34M Team, Brotherhood, real Players, Insane Junction, illustrious Gaming, Underrated, Vitalfusion , Silence, Psycho Ballers, Nothing 2 Prove, StRaTeGiK InSoMnIaKs, Team FlaWLesS
MSN Address:soccer_italia@hotmail.com
Location:Canada, University of Toronto
Real Name:Joe

good, you?