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January 17th, 2019 10:01:26am CST
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Mc.GREGOR-Jeo?
Player ID:52278
Names registered:jeo, jeongwa, jeongwafra, jeongwathe2times, skeleton456
Active Clan:Conor Mc.Gregors
Former Clans:unlucky, pure warriors, 360p, paintball-france, warriors one, TopGun, [BTF/b], *Freejumps*, 126p, spam, The demons of Brittany, No Have Name, paintball-euro, owner's, Rough Playahz, Shoot 2 Kill, French Are Best, French are best Squad B, PaRa Players, nice<3, Rippers, valiant genocide, Absurd Threat, ole, Noob Trainees, WanTeD, Team of Xtrem, paintball-euro, #team redamption, Euro and NA, Anti Noobz, Paint Paradise, Sniper Elite, The 5 , .uToX., MeMi Juniors, kr3w, Fighters For Freedom, unlimited.gaming, exii, Rules, Kicking ugly children, hot 2 kill, oXmoZe, Second To None, BTF, sMthng serious, Strong Synergy Winning, Nothing 2 Prove, Strong Synergy, Jabbawockeez, We dominate you, Team c2o, Crowned
Forum Name:JeongWa
Real Name:Valentin

1st Place 3v3 Oldschool Reunion 2018
1st Place PGPTS 2018
1st Place. 2v2 Tournament September 2017
1st Place PGPTS 2017
1st Place 3v3 The International#2 January 2016
3rd Place Holiday Tourney 2015
1st & 3rd Place [q] cup 2010/2nd domic cup 2009