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August 19th, 2019 04:19:42am CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for JeongWa
Player ID:52278
Names registered:jeo, jeongwa, mcgjeongwa, skeleton456
Active Clan:Conor Mc.Gregors
Former Clans:unlucky, pure warriors, 360p, paintball-france, warriors one, TopGun, [BTF/b], *Freejumps*, 126p, spam, The demons of Brittany, No Have Name, paintball-euro, owner's, Rough Playahz, Shoot 2 Kill, French Are Best, French are best Squad B, PaRa Players, nice<3, Rippers, valiant genocide, Absurd Threat, ole, Noob Trainees, WanTeD, Team of Xtrem, paintball-euro, #team redamption, Euro and NA, Anti Noobz, Paint Paradise, Sniper Elite, The 5 , .uToX., MeMi Juniors, kr3w, Fighters For Freedom, unlimited.gaming, exii, Rules, Kicking ugly children, hot 2 kill, oXmoZe, Second To None, BTF, sMthng serious, Strong Synergy Winning, Nothing 2 Prove, Strong Synergy, Jabbawockeez, We dominate you, Team c2o, Crowned
Forum Name:JeongWa
Real Name:Valentin

1st Place 1v1 Social Saturday Tournament
1st Place 3v3 Oldschool Reunion 2018
1st Place PGPTS 2018
1st Place. 2v2 Tournament September 2017
1st Place PGPTS 2017
1st Place 3v3 The International#2 January 2016
1st Place [q] cup 2010