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October 21st, 2019 03:48:35pm CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Myerz
Player ID:53133
Names registered:rewzy, complex, myerz, ilyshk
Active Clan:What The ____?
Former Clans:Toxin, Run or Die, Rippers, epic ballers euro, PaRa Players, nxC, Random Juniors, Penguins Own All Noobs, Team Random, Dream Team, NoChance, Homicide, FarmStarz, Clutch, Team Redemption, Team Quake, Pineapple Express, YaZuRR, Undead, 1 Shot , Vitality, absurD vENDEttA, Underrated, Bust A Move, Team FlaWLesS, Insane Junction, Electronic Thugz, Vita, Three Inches Of Blood, Obliteration, IMissKzandSuMMit, Team FR4G, In The Making, Canadian Gaming, SeXy, oXmoZe, We Are Paradead, I.Dream.Insanely.About.Shk, [QeHs], Prestige on You, illustrious Gaming, Inner Sanctum, Vitalfusion , Silence, Status Quo, tri force, Major League Gamers, zodiac, apex, Cloud9 North America, Team School Supplies, Nothing 2 Prove, College Court, Killerz&Stylerz, Benchwarmers, DR34M Team, WeOnlyPlayCusoMaps, Visceral eSports, Clan Prozak, Brotherhood, insane, New Breed, BlazeFyre, coldFusion, sPec Tournament Champions
Forum Name:MyeRs

GGDPLeague champs

Cusoman I miss you, if you ever pop into this trashhole again find me on facebook or steam or league or something. Take care bestie