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February 6th, 2023 12:36:49am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for sh0ck
Player ID:54038
Names registered:sh0ck, soduh, sushi, fruit, rawrzor, toasty
Active Clan:axxeeeee is my bff
Former Clans:aww yee, Da One, Run or Die, For The World, Gangster Disciplez, RUN you NOOBzZ, ANTII NOOBZ, we pwn, we'll own u, anti noobs, Rough Players Bteam, Do Not Touch, Paintball All-Stars, eliminate NOOBZ, intense Union, InSaNe X, Penguins Own At Training, Penguins Own All Noobs, TheSovereignKillers, EW u skanky pervert., Anti Noobz, Its Unknown, Paintball land, five star paintball
Real Name:Cole

Im pretty good and u can almost always find me at graffiti pub servers, czech jump server and arctic jump server. i am nIknAK or sh0ck