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April 20th, 2019 11:32:18pm CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for rockitude
Player ID:5641
Names registered:rockitude, spain, rocki, rockidude, r1, rockhead, cm8t, conused, checkmate
Active Clan:CheckMate
Former Clans:Terminate to Death, Funny Cows, Confused Gamers, MeMi Juniors, shuffle, Area 51, Deadly Born Enemies, Area 51, b52, Die Hard, Die Hard, Bashin' Madness, abcd pc, Way of Death, Raw Power, Looking Awesome While Losing!, Oldskool, cRaNk GaMiNG, Historic, NARCISM, M3RK'D Gaming, Pain Threshold, #team_wait, Damage Incorporated, Kicking ugly children, oXmoZe, Only The Best, .cReative., College Court, real Players, Team alm.QVIST, Rock Rebellion, Taking Care of Rock, kill2acular, Clan Prozak, Insane Junction, In My Time of Dying, Black Sheep Of The Family, European Gaming, Darkness, ArcticGaming, Clairvoyance Gaming, Get your own Root!, The Superior Trio, #Via[X]team, [QeHs]
Forum Name:rockitude