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January 24th, 2020 05:52:08pm CST
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Sub-Zero
Player ID:5827
Names registered:subzero, nadekid, shadowz, vun, killerteddy, ch0sen0ne, nadez, sb0
Active Clan:are you iTz
Former Clans:Sinister Paintball, Do Not Touch, hektik, PURE SKILL, helzmen, HEAT the original, Radio Active, paintballer newbies, CANADIAN DUDES RULE (special invite only) , TeAm Waka Waka, Danger ZONE, Pleasure To Kill, PaInTbALL MaNiACS, aVaLaNcHe, Team Ntensity, The Zero's, Masters of Noobs, unfamous, paintballer, unfamous, guitar heroes , Special Operations, GrOund ZeR0, FoRzEn gaming, Wana get FroZe, Serial Killers, AbSurd Gaming, just QuiT, aquafrost gaming, Where's my Br?!?!, Legendary, quick clan, prypyat, FarmStarz, ThE BlooD Of KilLerS, oh Zero instinct, TeaM_ReMatcH, Weed Warriors, Insignia, New Fusion, I Like Turtles