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October 21st, 2021 04:14:40am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for TrusT
Player ID:59634
Names registered:lov3d, trust, xtaze, shock3d, ratedr, cloverfield, lmfaonub, voices, homesick, 28
Former Clans:Aero A/match team, Seconds , You Too, finnish elite, Ugly Players, Slayerz, n0 Mercy, Noob Trainees, paintball-euro, No SoRRoW, -GaNg banG^, Hunter Of Noobs, Only Masters, We Eat Noobs, [BTF/b], Team GunZ, Aero, Risum Teneatis, Legend, Killer Of Noobs, Team 0wn3d, ZooM GaminG, saiyen team elite, Pro Hackers, .athletic|gaming, Anti Noobz, PrO Gamer, EuroGang, Pro KillerS, team wait b, Demolish, Skillz of Killers, SexY Players, Team Mystery, Rescape of Night, PuRe SkiLLeRz., Ultimate PlayerZ, Noob, Digital Paintball School, Strange Gaming, The Fusion, 2009: Team seXy, Get The Fack Out, Team Future, Bullet Proof, sepultura, NobleXity Beta, one hit kill, Team Xtr3m, Insignia Trainee's, InFernaL CoRp, Insignia, vELOciTy

I quit.
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