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January 28th, 2021 04:49:13am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Fart
Player ID:6034
Names registered:fart, che4ky, farto, elfarto, t1m, terd
Former Clans:deadly born killerz, Ownage Brigade, Deadly Born Enemies, dipset team 2, Soldiers Of Paint, Number One Paintballers, First Person Shooters, Zer0 H0ur, Pro Pwners, Pr0 0wnerZ, UrBaN Elites, Drugged Out Paintballers, Rough Playahz, Incoming Clan, We Eat Noobs, The Core, Water, Paintball Fools, Straight From The Hood, Professional Assassinator, Virtual Zone
Forum Name:fart
Real Name:Tim

Ive quit dp now played it for over 3 years and just bored and over it now was so fun wen i played it tho. cya to all the guys i played against over the years and the friends i made in this game [The-Man especially]. Peace guys. FART out...