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January 24th, 2021 06:20:51pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for bash
Player ID:63873
Names registered:ki3s, bash, steveo, failboat, spawny, rimjob, 212, azealiabanks, kiesy, dammdaniel
Active Clan:Thirteen Eleven
Former Clans:All-StaR KiLLs, Death's Instinct Organization, Code Red, SpecialForcesWithoutLimits, Rackin' Em Up, beta/insight_b3 B Team, Underrated B Team, Kill ZoNe, Classic Killers Crew, Krazy Sinical Shooters, Viewer's Discretion Advised, Team kcuF, Urban-Legends, So Unbelievably PRo , Strange Gaming, elimination, Friendly Enemies, We Cant Miss, WeTrain, TwiZtid, Zyklon B, Rising Displex, UnReal Gaming, The Stoners, A Work in Progress, Ultima
Forum Name:KI3S
Real Name:Daniel