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September 18th, 2018 08:54:25pm CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for RyuzaKi
Player ID:70505
Names registered:ryuzaki, auuga, jiriaya, renoi, kropkanadi, 10, exploer, lapulga, elguaje
Former Clans:Piwo dla Pijakow, Team WOOF, Akademia *sTn*, RockStarsOne, [Rx8], Temple of Heaven, Red Devils Clan, Polski Team, Hau Hau, |3biT|, Sport Fresh Scent, Lucky Losers, Blondyn 102, Shooters, Ultor Fights Back, DISTURBED, Golden Teams, Happy Tree Friend, To I Owo, Terorist From Poland, Army with Pampers, Fast eXecutors, Tempus Edax Rerum, The Legend, Clan Finest, The Best Grave, Grave Is The Best, Bogdan, eXtra KrajinKa, spaint sweeps, Agard, XGame^Pro, Slim and Lite, Logical Clan, The Legend, Elite KillerZ, Ave Kisiel, Brain Dead Familia
Real Name:Kuba

I am Ryuzaki
I am Kox
I am from Poland
I can speak english
Lubie Kisiel/ I like JELLY
thx ;D