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October 5th, 2022 08:33:18am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for R@TB0T
Player ID:71135
Names registered:falcone, skematik, snookie, trubz, sinsterminister, rtb0t
Former Clans:RoCkStArZ, THE PAINTBALL KINGS!!, Demolish, 3mos4life, jeepers creepers, ka-yoed, SpecialForcesWithoutLimits, no Fear, five star paintball, Light, AbSurd Gaming, The Training Weapons of Fate, JokeSonYou, The United, All Hells Breaking Loose, Team Mystery, Stealing Candy from kids, sickly insane killas, Underrated B Team, Justice For Life, Seek and Kill, Friendly Enemies, Skill Unit, BaDDoGs, Only Defeat, Team Iy, Americas Got Talent, Serial Killers, aquafrost gaming, alcoholics annonymous, alcoholics anonymous, Most Valuable Killers, Only Skilled Players, Fight For Fame, Insane Junction Training, 3rd Shift, Fun With Guns, Victorious Secret, Old School Ballers, RawkAwn, Statick-Shock, 67 DeGreeS, AwsomePlayers, Jato-Rx, Team HavoK, System, insane pressure, ZeRo-Impulse, Virtual Threat, New Life, we aRe noobs, Deranged Gaming, XdReNaLiNe, Insane-Overdose, Obliteration, Team_Widow, Hax :D, HeadBangers, Vintage ballers